The secret of "non-ageing" fruits and vegetables

All biochemical processes in fruits and vegetables depend on temperature. At high temperatures, the metabolism accelerates and moisture, vitamins and organic substances are lost. As a result, fruits and vegetables begin to "age" quickly and become unusable. In order to reduce the natural weight loss of fruits and vegetables and to maximize the shelf life, it is necessary to freeze the product after the harvest as soon as possible, maintain optimal storage temperature parameters and a certain ventilation regime. That is why it is recommended to keep fruits and vegetables mainly in cold storage. The demand for fresh, nutritious, chemical-free eco food is growing in the market, forcing more attention to be paid to food storage conditions. Properly designed, refrigerated storage facilities provide effective storage of fruits and vegetables. The shelf life of agricultural products is conditioned by a number of factors, from the process of growing crops to climatic conditions, characteristics of species and irrigation, harvesting methods and dates. In this long and laborious chain, the process of retaining and storage of agricultural products plays an essential and very decisive role. Because the omission or mistake made at this stage can nullify your months’  hard work and estimated income. In order to get a high income, it is especially important to properly organize the process of exporting the crop. Here, where the farmers realize the importance of establishing a refrigeration facility.