Useful information for establishing a refrigeration facility

If you have decided to establish a modern refrigeration facility, these tips are just for you. 
• A number of factors must be taken into account during the construction of a refrigerated warehouse. 
First of all, the geographical location should be taken into account.
Ambient temperature and humidity significantly affect the operation of refrigeration equipment.
Thicker insulation is needed to obtain the required technological temperature in the cold storage in areas that have hot climate. Depending on what will be stored, it is possible to build a refrigerated warehouse with separate refrigerated compartments for different types of fruits and vegetables. The capacity of the storage depends on the volume of the stored products, as well as the capacity of the refrigeration and ventilation installations. It is important to choose the right place, so that the journey from the place of food production to the refrigerator is not long. Prolonged transportation of fruits and vegetables has a negative effect on their further storage. 
The quality of the refrigerated storage is also greatly influenced by the size of the selected construction site. If the warehouse is built on a small slopping area it will lead to a decrease in thermal insulation, its continuity, loss of air tightness.
• Equipment installation 
It is necessary to make the right choice of refrigeration equipment and its location for ensuring the optimal storage of fruits and vegetables. For correctly calculating the useful volume of the refrigerator (for example: apples, tomatoes) it is necessary to multiply the volume (m3) by 0.25 t.
For example, a chamber with a volume of 400 mcan hold up to 100 tons of apples (400 mx 0.25 = 100). To calculate the required power of the refrigeration unit more accurately, the number of tons should be multiplied by 0.15-0.25 KW. The result will be the required refrigeration capacity of the refrigeration unit. For example, for quality storage of 100 tons of apples, refrigeration equipment with a capacity of up to 20 KW is required (100 X 0.2 = 20). It should be taken into account that the obtained quantity is not constant. It depends on the thermal insulation of the chambers and its usage under the condition of simultaneous loading of 10-15% of fruit and vegetable products.